'Heartbleed' bug undoes web encryption

There has been a security announcement (OpenSSL Security Advisory CVE-2014-0160) regarding a major bug in certain versions of OpenSSL

Initial investigations show this is related to an attack on installations using SSL for connectivity which utilise OpenSSL binaries

Here at Sothis Group we have taken the steps of contacting all our Customers, even if we have not identified any specifically supported products, as we are aware many Manufacturers have used OpenSSL websites some of which may not be on Support with us but your continued security is always important to us.

For more information and a list of version affected take a look at http://heartbleed.com  or search for ‘OpenSSL’ and ‘heartbleed’.

From our investigations Manufacturers are being pro-active on this vulnerability, so for the latest up to date information please check out the Manufacturers website for each of your installed products that you think may be affected.

Please take the time to review your OpenSSL installations and update where necessary.

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